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Introduction to the technology

Generally, the various types differ in terms of the tyres, load-bearing capacity, dimensions and the suspension of the axle units.

Ball bearing race ring design
Pivot bearing design


The box-shaped centre beam with its stable cross beams offers a high degree of frame stability and thereby optimal loading options. The pneumatic and hydraulic oil tanks as well as the steering system are integrated into the chassis frames and are thereby protected from damage. A reinforced loading platform enables extremely concentrated loads. The optimised lashing coupling ensures trouble-free combination of the longitudinal combinations.

Axle compensation

Hydraulic axle compensation for the individual swing axles can be connected to differing support circles depending on the load, in order to ensure uniform axle loads. This guarantees optimal longitudinal and lateral compensation in uneven terrain and also regulates extrem crossfalls.


A hydro-mechanical all-wheel mechanically controlled 2-circuit steering system ensures that full functionality is maintained, even in the event of failure in one of the steering circuits. The steering angle is up to +/- 60° and the steering can be quickly adapted to the corresponding vehicle combination via the track rods which are accessible from above. An electronic steering synchronisation system is additionally available for vehicles in a free combination.



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